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Building Company in Bookham | Does Your Home Need an Extension or Renovation?

Does it feel like years since you last refreshed the interior of your Bookham home? Do you find yourself struggling to find practical space? If your property has become dated and stagnant, or too small for your current and future needs, Mole Valley Builders can help. Our building company specialises in single- and double-storey property extensions as well as property refurbishments.

If you have noticed that your home no longer functions as it used to, it’s time to consider building work to rectify the situation.

With a team that shares over 40 years of industry experience, we transform Bookham properties in any condition. You can rest assured, Mole Valley Builders only uses premium materials for a superior, long-lasting finish.

Below, we have outlined some of the key issues that indicate your home requires one of our property extensions or property refurbishments.

A Lack of Practical Space

Has your family outgrown the size of your current home? Do you find it increasingly hard to find storage space? When given time to develop, these issues can cause serious problems. If you love your current home and neighbourhood, or simply don’t like the prospect of moving, building work like property extensions and loft conversions represent the best solutions.

Extensions come in many forms, all of which our building company excels at. These include single- and double-storey additions to the side or rear of your home in Bookham. You can create new rooms to meet your needs, be it a bedroom, home office or larger kitchen.

Rundown Surfaces

All surfaces in your property face varying amounts of wear and tear. For floors, this comes on a daily basis, while walls will face less damage over a longer period. Regardless, the surfaces of your home will degrade given enough time. This results in scratched and scuffed flooring, cracked plaster or broken tiles. Eventually, you need experienced builders to set things right.

Our building company carries out property refurbishments, renovations and small-scale building work of any size in the Bookham area, from single rooms to entire properties.

Preparing to Move Out

Your property may have become so small or rundown that your thoughts have already turned to moving out. In some cases, this does make sense. But property extensions and property refurbishments finished by our builders represent more cost-effective solutions in the long-term.

If your building work satisfies your need for space, you no longer face the upheaval of moving. If not, the additional room makes it more appealing to prospective buyers in and around Bookham. In turn, you will benefit from the increased resale value.

Likewise, if your refurbishments or renovations still don’t quell your desire to move, you have at least made your home far more likely to sell at a higher price.

Dated or Unsightly Décor

Interior design suffers the same fate as our wardrobes – eventually, your décor, fittings and fixtures will go out of fashion. Whereas once bright bold shades were popular, these have given way to muted tones and crisp whites. Mole Valley Builders performs property refurbishments that bring spaces of any kind back up to date.

What’s more, when it comes to property extensions in Bookham and the neighbouring areas, our building company can also advise on more timeless painting and decorating for optimal longevity.

Call 01306 500 074 or 07867 385 389 to discuss your own property extensions and property refurbishments. Our building company covers Bookham and the surrounding areas.