General and New Home Builders in Cranleigh | The Key Differences Between the Two

If you are looking to have building work undertaken, you will need the skillsets and services of dependable tradespeople who specialise in specific fields. For smaller projects in the Cranleigh area, like property refurbishments and loft conversions, our general builders should be able to fulfil most of your needs. Larger projects, like new builds, home renovations and property extensions, will require more specialist work. Because structural changes or support for the foundations could be needed, our new home builders will have a role to play and so could our wider network of tradespeople.

Whichever way you might need the valued help and support of our building company, Mole Valley Builders is a name you can genuinely trust.

Here, we look at the differences between general builders and new home builders based on their attributes and the work you need us to do. One of the most important things to remember is that we cover more than just the building work. With a home renovation, a property extension or a loft conversion, and even on larger property refurbishments, you could need the services of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and gas engineers too.

We bring a full complement of trades to projects in Cranleigh and Surrey.

General Builders

Although general builders are very much involved in construction from the ground up, a sizeable amount of the work that they do is to improve homes in disrepair or to create additional space. Understandably, they have a wide range of skillsets and sufficient knowledge to take on structural work too, but most projects focus on things like property refurbishments or loft conversions.

As an example, our building company might assign general builders if you need to have one or two rooms replastered, some fittings and fixtures replaced, or original features retrofitted. These are all day-to-day property refurbishments undertaken in Cranleigh by our hardworking team.

If you want to add space to a home and plan to use Mole Valley Builders for a loft conversion project, the building work involved will be less intensive than it would be if you were having a property extended. Our general builders can strip the loft space, structurally alter the roof, fit new floors and partitions, and undertake remedial repairs to leave behind pristine workmanship.

A home renovation or property extension in Cranleigh will be more intensive and will need the services of new home builders and any related trades.

New Home Builders

If a project requires large-scale building work, you could need the services of multiple tradespeople. We have new home builders on our team who can assist private customers with their self-build projects, or main contractors and developers with building work of their own. Additional skillsets for bigger jobs can include the ability to clear sites of scrub and vegetation, completing small strip-outs, excavating in bulk and preparing ground for foundations.

A property extension in Cranleigh, much like a new build, will need to have a detailed groundworks plan if the job is to be a success.

New home builders can also be critical to home renovations, and you may need our building company to assign a structural engineer if a property needs underpinning, or if the design demands the removal of a load-bearing wall. If a property undergoing renovation isn’t up to code, you could even need electricians to rewire or exchange an old fuse box for a new consumer board. If you need a new boiler fitted, we can assign Gas Safe engineers.

Critically, we only hire general and new home builders with specific NVQ qualifications so, whether you need us for home renovations or property extensions, or for property refurbishments or loft conversions, one call does it all. We are a one-stop building company for the entire Cranleigh area.

Call our building company on 01306 302191 or 07867 385389. We are general and new home builders for Cranleigh and the surrounding areas.