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Building Work in Dorking | How Our Services Benefit Property Sellers

While our building work delivers multiple benefits for homeowners looking to stay in much-loved properties and areas, they also provide numerous advantages to those wanting to sell soon. Mole Valley Builders specialises in property extensions, property refurbishments and renovations, the results of which appeal to prospective homeowners in the Dorking area. As a building company whose team shares more than 40 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that your project will meet the highest of standards.

Below, we have taken a closer look at how our building work can maximise the appeal and market value of your property. Although we primarily focus on property extensions, property refurbishments and renovations, all our services create dazzling results.

For a more detailed overview of our full range of services, please visit the building work page. Alternatively, you can call Mole Valley Builders on 01306 500 074 or 07867 385 389.

Building Work to Benefit Your Sale

Property Extensions

Much like property refurbishments and renovations, extending your Dorking home provides obvious benefits if you plan to stay in it. These primarily revolve around space and lifestyle. If you plan to invest in property extensions ahead of a move, however, the advantages have several caveats attached. The biggest of these comes in the quality of the work produced by your building company of choice. In short, the workmanship must meet exceptional standards to optimise any increase in resale value.

The location of your home and the type of room you wish to create also influence any increase in resale value. Homes in Dorking and the neighbouring areas remain appealing to buyers due to their proximity to London, so this is an immediate benefit.

Property extensions that create new double bedrooms with en suite facilities represent the most desirable option for those looking to buy. Where possible, our builders always recommend trying to prioritise such building work.

Property Refurbishments and Renovations

Despite common misconceptions, these two services do differ. However, our building company combines aspects of both for a comprehensive approach. When it comes to property refurbishments, our builders can breathe new life into stale and dated homes. This usually comes in the form of decorating, cleaning or replacing old, tired fittings.

For renovation work, our builders focus on returning degraded or damaged buildings in and around Dorking to a good state of repair. This tends to include structural issues.

As with property extensions, property refurbishments and renovations will follow the unique specifications you present to us. Variables include the type and size of your home, the amount of wear and tear or damage to start with, as well as the scope of the building work itself.

As a result, it’s impossible to put a final figure on how much the results will increase your home’s resale value.

Regardless, a refurbished, immaculate property free of any structural issues represents a much more attractive proposition to a potential buyer than one in a neglected state; especially when a proven building company, like Mole Valley Builders, completes the work to an impressive standard.

Call 01306 500 074 or 07867 385 389 to discuss your own property extensions, property refurbishments, renovations or other building work in the Dorking area.