Building Work in Dorking | Property Refurbishments and Renovations to Benefit Selling Homeowners

While our construction services offer multiple benefits to homeowners who wish to enhance their properties to keep in with their neighbourhoods, they also present numerous benefits for those considering a sale. Mole Valley Builders specialises in property extensions and loft conversions, which add space to homes, and in property refurbishments and home renovations. All services hold strong appeal for potential sellers in the Dorking area.

As a building company with a team of general and new home builders that have more than four decades of experience, you can be confident that your project, and our building work, will meet the most rigorous quality standards.

Below, we explain how our construction services in Dorking can amplify the allure and the market worth of your property. Although our primary focus lies in making homes more habitable and functional for those who already own and live inside their properties, each of our services yields remarkable results.

Property Extensions and Loft Conversions

Much like property refurbishments and home renovations, expanding your Dorking residence offers clear benefits if you plan to continue living in it. These benefits primarily centre around increased space and improved lifestyles. If you intend to invest into one of our property extensions or loft conversions prior to selling, there are certain conditions to consider. The most significant is the quality of craftsmanship delivered by your chosen building company.

In essence, our building work must meet exceptional standards to maximise any potential increase in resale value. Our general and new home builders have a pride and passion for workmanship of an exceptional standard.

The location of your home and the type of additional space you intend to create also play a role in determining the boost in resale value. Homes in Dorking and the Surrey area will always be appealing to buyers due to their good proximity to Central London, which is an immediate advantage.

Property extensions and loft conversions resulting in the addition of bedrooms with ensuite facilities represent the most sought-after option for prospective buyers. Whenever feasible, we recommend adding space to your home.

Property Refurbishments and Home Renovations

Contrary to common misconceptions, these two services are distinct, but our building company still combines elements of both for a more comprehensive approach. In the realm of property refurbishments, our general and new home builders can breathe new life into outdated builds. Building work will typically involve activities such as plastering, maintenance and repairs, tiling, decorating, cleaning and replacing, or retrofitting, some original features.

For home renovations, our builders focus on restoring dilapidated structures in and around Dorking to a good state of physical and aesthetic repair.

This often entails us addressing structural issues.

Like property extensions and loft conversions, property refurbishments and home renovations are easily customised to your unique requirements. Variables can include your home's size and type, the initial condition of the property, and the overall scope of the building work required.

It is challenging to pinpoint a precise figure for the impact on your home's resale value. Nonetheless, a renovated, well-maintained property free of structural problems is undoubtedly a more enticing prospect for potential buyers, especially when handled by a company like Mole Valley Builders, who are known for delivering work of impeccable quality in Dorking.

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